Unauthorized Taking of Water

To: La Mesa residents

It looks like another subdivision had a water incident. My suggestion is that if you see anyone using a hydrant in La Mesa or Sundance Mesa, you note relevant information: time, place, vehicle description, license, company name, etc. and pass it on to one of the water coop board members, or myself.

Thank you for your vigilance.



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Subject: Unauthorized Taking of Water

From: Floyd Cotton <f.cotton@comcast.net>

Date: Wed, 16 Jun 2010 17:03:25 -0600

Cc: Tim Lucero <timlucero@sandovalcounty.com>

To: …

Placitas Neighborhood Watch Network Coordinators,

The following is being sent for any actions which you deem appropriate within your subdivisions, but it would be helpful if you could pass this communication along to officials (if any) who administer your water systems.

Shortly after 3:00PM today, June 16, 2010, a customer of the Desert/Sky Mountain Water Co-Op observed a truck belonging to a landscape contractor taking (apparently stealing) water from a fire hydrant on Desert Mountain Road in Placitas, approximately nine tenths of a mile uphill from the Interstate 25 intersection with NM 165.

Even more important in this instance than the suspected theft of water is the possibility that unauthorized and/or untrained persons might accidentally (or otherwise) introduce contaminants into water systems in our community. Given the serious implications relating to public safety, this type of activity should be taken seriously and immediately reported to appropriate water co-op or water company officials in your subdivisions. – In this particular instance, the water theft and unauthorized connection to a water meter was witnessed by a former board member of the Desert/Sky Mountain Water Co-Op and was immediately reported to the Co-Op and shortly thereafter to the Sandoval County Sheriff’s Office.

Also, as a precaution against the possibility that the system could have been (accidentally) contaminated, emergency flushing of the affected fire hydrant is being conducted.

Floyd Cotton

P.S. You should also be aware that properly trained personnel from the Placitas Volunteer Fire Brigade routinely refill their pumper trucks from the fire hydrants of the water systems in our communities. This authorized activity by properly trained fire personnel is not a problem.

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