Bobcat Neighbors

After sending out a note about a bobcat seen around Calle Chamisa and reminding people to be careful with their small dogs, I received several entertaining responses:

That Bobcat has been at my house for weeks now. I’ve seen her twice on my back patio looking for water and once on our front courtyard wall…I also photographed her cub in my Juniper tree on the back patio. I believe she has a den somewhere down in the base of the hill (arroyo). Sometimes I here her on the roof at night, looking for mice or rats. Very Interesting! See attached photos. Joy Kinsey

(Click on a photo to get an enlargement.)

The one in my yard a couple of days ago was teaching a kitten how to eat a snake.

Today at 5 pm, Bob has left Calle Chamisa and is headed North via our back patio, may be headed for your house.

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