La Mesa HOA Neighborhood Improvement Survey – Results

The survey was mailed to all La Mesa property owned in mid-June 2013, with responses to be returned by July 15, 2013

Item 1 – Are you interested in placement of walking paths within selected areas of La Mesa totaling approximately two miles, running in the road easement of Camino Barranca, and Camino Manzano?

Yes: 32 (27%)
No: 85 (73%)
Total: 117

Item 2 – Are you interested in placement of landscaping / xeriscaping at selected areas throughout La Mesa in areas such as main corners, around the mail boxes, the well equipment house on Calle Cienega, etc.?

Yes: 49 (42%)
No: 68 (58%)
Total: 117

Note: One survey response was received July 22, 2013, and is not reflected in the above counts.

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