Information for Residents

Annual Dues

Invoices are about to be sent out for annual dues (assessments).
Alternatives for payment:

  • Paper or electronic check to:

La Mesa Homeowners Association
5 Calle Cienega
Placitas, NM 87043

House: $72/year
Lot: $36/year

  • PayPal (which accepts credit cards)
House: $75/year
Lot: $38/year

La Mesa HOA email list

The La Mesa HOA email list is available to all residents and
is used to communicate neighborhood information, including:

  • HOA meeting agendas and minutes
  • Security alerts from the Sandoval County Sheriff’s Office
  • Missing or found dogs, keys, etc.
  • Community events, such as County Commission meetings relevant to La Mesa

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Short Term Rentals

On June 19, 2018, the La Mesa HOA Board of Directors, upon the recommendation of the ACC, approved the following changes to the ACC Supplemental Rules:

4.8.8 Clarification of “home occupations” in section 5.8 of CC&Rs (New)

“home occupations” shall mean a non-residential use of a home clearly incidental to the use of the home as a single family residence, which use is conducted by an Owner or other occupant of the home who is a permanent resident of the home and who has an occupation or business customarily recognized by zoning ordinances as an acceptable home occupation, which for example would include but may not be limited to professionals such as architects, engineers, lawyers, artists, authors or writers and the like, but in no event will a business that is frequented by and open to the general public be considered a home occupation. This means no business that involves the public staying overnight is permitted, such as a Bed and Breakfast and Vacation Rentals. Property rentals or subleases shorter than three months are not allowed; longer leases are permitted, provided the entire property is leased. Artists or others with home occupations who open their studios or homes to the general public once or twice a year, or otherwise for infrequent special events, are permitted to do so under the CC&Rs and their doing so shall not transform their home occupation into a business categorized as frequented by and open to the general public.



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