ACC Supplemental Rules Amended 2018

The most recent updates to the ACC Supplemental Rules were approved by the Board of Directors on September 6, 2018. These updates add a section restricting short term rentals (Bed & Breakfast or vacation rentals); explicitly state the white membrane roofs are allowed; update the list of approved stucco colors; and other minor updated..

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County Letter to Lafarge

On June 26, 2013, the county sent this letter to Lafarge, notifying them that the gravel mine is not in compliance with the county zoning ordinance.

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La Mesa HOA Neighborhood Improvement Survey – Results

The survey was mailed to all La Mesa property owned in mid-June 2013, with responses to be returned by July 15, 2013

Item 1 – Are you interested in placement of walking paths within selected areas of La Mesa totaling approximately two miles, running in the road easement of Camino Barranca, and Camino Manzano?

Yes: 32 (27%)
No: 85 (73%)
Total: 117

Item 2 – Are you interested in placement of landscaping / xeriscaping at selected areas throughout La Mesa in areas such as main corners, around the mail boxes, the well equipment house on Calle Cienega, etc.?

Yes: 49 (42%)
No: 68 (58%)
Total: 117

Note: One survey response was received July 22, 2013, and is not reflected in the above counts.

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Neighborhood Improvement Survey – Example Photos

At the April 16, 2013 La Mesa HOA Annual Meeting, two motions were passed, asked the HOA Board to survey the membership to see if there is support to construct a walking path alongside Camino Barranca, and landscape significant corners or other areas. A paper survey is being mailed to all HOA members. Here are some photos of similar projects in the area. (Click on a photo enlarge.)

Walking Paths

Dirt path

Dirt Path

Crusher Fines Path

Crusher Fines Path

Asphalt Path

Asphalt Path

Concrete Path

Concrete Path

Landscaping / Xeriscaping


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Tom Ashe Report on Gravel Mine

At the April 16, 2013 La Mesa HOA Annual Meeting, Tom Ashe (the A in KGA Development, who originally developed La Mesa) gave the history and update on current discussions about the Lafarge Placitas gravel mine immediately to the southwest of La Mesa. Key points:

  • In 1973, the owners of the property (about 1000 acres), the Grevey-Lieberman family, signed a lease for gravel mining.
  • Sand and gravel mining started around 1986.
  • In 1988, with the support of Sandoval County, the Town of Bernalillo, pursuant to the Extraterritorial Zoning Ordinance then in effect, granted a “Certificate of Nonconformance”, allowing sand and gravel mining and processing. This explicitly designates two areas (“A” and “B”) to be mined last.
  • In 2005, the Grevey-Lieberman family sold the property to Mt. Adams Holding, LLC, a Washington limited liability company.
  • Over the years, discussions with the mine operator (first Western Mobile, now Lafarge) indicated that mining would cease when the lease runs out in 2015, and that certain areas were not to be mined. Generally, the mine was a “good neighbor”, and considerate of Placitas subdivisions and homeowners.
  • Lafarge is currently mining in the areas that were thought to be left alone.
  • In discussions over the past year or so, the current Lafarge managers have indicated that they plan to renew the lease and continue mining as long, and as much of the area, as possible.
  • So far, efforts to contact or engage anyone from the current property owner, Mt. Adams Holdings, have been unsuccessful.
  • The Sandoval County Planning and Zoning Division has become involved, exchanging letters with Lafarge. The essence seems to be the County challenging Lafarge’s adherence to the original “Certificate of Nonconformance”, and the Lafarge response.

Tom has provided some letters relevant to this:

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Bobcat Neighbors

After sending out a note about a bobcat seen around Calle Chamisa and reminding people to be careful with their small dogs, I received several entertaining responses:

That Bobcat has been at my house for weeks now. I’ve seen her twice on my back patio looking for water and once on our front courtyard wall…I also photographed her cub in my Juniper tree on the back patio. I believe she has a den somewhere down in the base of the hill (arroyo). Sometimes I here her on the roof at night, looking for mice or rats. Very Interesting! See attached photos. Joy Kinsey

(Click on a photo to get an enlargement.)

The one in my yard a couple of days ago was teaching a kitten how to eat a snake.

Today at 5 pm, Bob has left Calle Chamisa and is headed North via our back patio, may be headed for your house.

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ACC Supplemental Rules Amended

The most recent updates to the ACC Supplemental Rules were approved by the Board of Directors on August 17, 2011. These updates mostly address issues and questions that have come up over the last several years. In some cases, we have added explicit text to allow things, such as flagpoles, that people have put in over the years without any major controversies. Our intention has been to reduce ambiguities and improve clarity, and recognize some new technologies (such as email and membrane roofs).

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Fwd: Crime update & Census Bureau

To: La Mesa alert list

*** forwarded ***

Subject: Crime update & Census Bureau

Date: Thu, 12 Aug 2010 12:47:28 -0600

From: “Timothy Lucero” <>

To: …

Hello Coordinators,

Well it’s been a while since we communicated. This indicates to me that all is well for the most part in Placitas?

I have ran statistics for the Placitas area for this year and we seem to be doing great, see below:

Burglaries Down 22%
Attempted Burglaries Down 66%
Battery Down 33%
Assaults none reported to date
Fraud Down 44%
Embezzlement None reported to date
False alarms Up 38%

We had a total of 378 incidents reported. Of those, 213 were FALSE ALARMS and 38 were Animal Control calls. This leaves us with 127 incidents of mostly petty crimes or reports and very few felony crimes.

I want to thank the citizens of Placitas for the fantastic job. Together we will continue to make our communities safe!

On other note, the U.S. Census Bureau will be in Placitas and Algodones until October 16, 2010. All Census workers should have Official Identification. We encourage everyone to participate, as it will help our communities in the years to come!!!

Remember if you see or hear something suspicious, call the Sheriff’s Office immediately! Sheriff’s non-emergency # 867-4581 ext 2. For emergencies call 911.

Please pass this information on to your Neighborhood Associations!

Tim Lucero

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Fwd: ESCAFCA Update

To: La Mesa residents

The following message from Ron Overley in Sundance Mesa may be of interest to you. As a reminder, ESCAFCA was one of the reasons our property taxes went up about 50% last year. The La Mesa HOA Board stays out of politics and elections, but we thought you would like to read this.

Ron’s attachment is a scan of a recent Albuquerque Journal Article. Rather than sending that, I refer you to the Albuquerque Journal, West Section / Rio Rancho, Saturday, August 07, 2010. (This requires you to have a Journal Internet subscription to read.)

Speaking for myself, I would like to thank Joann English for offering to serve on the ESCAFCA Board.


*** forwarded message ***
From: Ron Overley <>
To: …
Subject: ESCAFCA Update
Date: Tue, 10 Aug 2010 09:52:14 -0600

Eastern Sandoval County Arroyo Flood Control Authority. Just in case you forgot.

Good Day Everyone,

I believe most of you know I am part of a committee of Placitas citizens (10 of us) focused on making sure our Placitas voice and needs are heard by the ESCAFCA Board. In case you do not know ESCAFCA is a primary reason for your recent property tax increase.

We have been working hard and we were successful in getting the Governor to appoint one of our group (Bob Gorrell) to the Board. At the last meeting the Board was set to vote on an operating budget of 1 mill. With Bob’s voice on the Board and some participation from the group the budget was cut $100,000.00 to 0.68 mill. This is a great first start.

There is much work left to be done. Bob’s appointment only runs to the end of 2010. We have presented petitions and have been successful in getting two Placitas residents on the November ballot. There will be three people running, two from Placitas and one from Bernalillo. You will be able to vote for two and we need to get our candidates elected so we have representation on this important board with broad taxing authority.

Our two candidates are:

Doris Faust: Sundance Mesa Lawyer for the NM Legislature. Doris is very familiar with the law as it relates to ESCAFCA and will be a valuable addition to the Board and a strong supporter of the needs of Placitas.

JoAnn English: La Mesa Engineer. She has a strong ackground in the work ESCAFCA will be doing and we believe an important addition to the Board and voice for the needs of Placitas.

Attached is an article from the Journal about the budget reduction. I will keep you informed as we move closer to the November elections. Feel free to share this email with anyone else who may be interested in Placitas.



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Another lost cat: Sonic

Lost Cat Named Sonic!

Lost in the La Mesa area near Calle Pinon.

Gray strips with a kinked tail.

Please call 350-2738

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